PsiReact is a Python project for modeling response time data using the Linear Ballistic Accumulator model with hierarchical Bayesian methods.


Wiki2vec is a Python project for quantifying conceptual similarity between pairs of people, places, or things based general knowledge from Wikipedia.


TCM is a Matlab and c++ software package for efficiently running simulations of free recall and parameter fitting with the Temporal Context Model and Context Maintenance and Retrieval frameworks.


Aperture is a Matlab-based toolbox for univarate and multivariate analysis of EEG data, including advanced statistical analysis and visualization tools.


The episodic memory behavioral analysis in Matlab (EMBAM) toolbox performs sophisticated analysis and visualization of free recall data to examine many features of human episodic memory. In addition to standard analyses like recall by serial position, it includes functions for measuring the tendency of participants to cluster recalls by temporal, category, and detailed semantic associations.

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